The acting student is one of the most difficult individuals, especially if you’re a teacher. It’s easy for students to get wrapped up in their work, and their teacher can do nothing but watch and wait. However, this doesn’t mean that they should watch the same movies night after night, and it certainly doesn’t mean they should never go outside of the studio, either. You see, even the experienced actor is still a student. They are always learning and growing just as much as their beginners. So, if you’re a teacher and looking for some films to show your acting students, here are the top 10 Movies Every Acting Student Should Watch.

  1. The Artist
    This film is a silent movie, so you won’t be able to hear the dialogue, but you will still get to see some incredible performances by both the leads, Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo. There are moments in this film that even make you forget that the people on screen are not using their voices, which shows their love for what they do. This is a film that both beginner and advanced students can appreciate.
  2. Funny Face
    This version of Funny Face is not the original 1957 film or the remake from 1987, but the original 1951 film. I’m sure you’ve heard of it because it is still one of Audrey Hepburn’s most famous films. The story goes like this: Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn meet at the dance studio where she teaches, and he asks her to dance with him. Every time they are together, Audrey witnesses him being an extremely formal and proper man in his class, but when they are in private, he will do anything to attract her attention. This film is so good because it is just like life; you get a little glimpse of what the person is. This film also shows people how powerful sense memory and imagination can be.
  3. Mulholland Drive
    Mirroring the themes of Funny Face, this film is all about what you see and don’t see. This film is full of so many twists and turns that it’s no wonder it takes you on a trip through Hollywood. Naomi Watts and Laura Harring star as the two women, but there are scenes where one looks like the other, making you wonder if it’s just a dream. Throughout all this confusion, you get to see incredible performances that will make you think about the film for days after, even if you hated it.
  4. Tootsie
    A classic film that was based on a book by an unknown author, this film centers around Michael Dorsey, a man who gets fired from his job as an actor. To make things worse, he has been up most of the night writing a script and needs to deliver it the next day. He is about to give up when he stumbles upon one of his co-stars for a soap opera. The film follows Michael trying to land another gig as an actor and how far he is willing to go in order to do so. This comedy touches on everything from gender roles in Hollywood to comparing human nature to that of animals. It is an interesting film to watch.
  5. Singin’ in the Rain
    Another classic, singing’ in the Rain, is a musical with Gwen Verdon and Gene Kelly giving some of the best performances in their careers. One thing that is amazing about this film is the special effects. The effects are so good that you don’t even notice them at first, and now they have become iconic. This film also teaches students how directors can use simple techniques to make something so much more than it is.
  6. All About Eve
    This film is about appearances and how good or bad they may or may not be. Bette Davis and Anne Baxter star as the most competitive women in 1950s Hollywood, and one of their admirers just so happens to be played by a young Marilyn Monroe. This film is essential for any acting student because it teaches you that even though people might look good, that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to them. Sometimes looks can be deceiving.
  7. The Truman Show
    The Truman Show is not the average comedy because it technically does not have a real end. This film stars Jim Carrey, who plays a man that thinks his life is perfect but in reality has been on camera for his entire life. Even though the main character escapes, it’s uncertain whether or not he is still on the camera. This film teaches acting students how to be more at the moment and how to think on their feet. It also teaches them how to be very convincing without saying a word.
  8. In the Heat of the Night
    This classic film might be one of the best films to study for students because it’s one of those films that makes you forget about everything else. It stars Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger, Warren Oates, and Lee Grant as they try to find out who is causing a series of murders during a time when racial tensions were high. It has great performances and a compelling plot and takes place in a completely different culture that may or may not be foreign to people. One thing that is so amazing about this film is how realistically tense and uncomfortable everything feels throughout the entire film, which is what makes it so compelling. The audience will fear for their lives right alongside the actors, which is exactly how an actor should feel.
  9. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
    This film stars Edward Norton as an actor trying to get a play on Broadway, who believes that the world is moving in his favor. Then one day, he hears about a play written by an unknown writer, which he thinks is a good thing because it means he is finally getting noticed. But when the play goes up for Tony Awards, it turns out that the playwright stole all of his work and played him like a fool. This is one of those films where you forget you’re watching someone’s life because it feels so real and yet, so silly at the same time. It also teaches acting students how hard it can be to start something new and how sometimes, to find success, you have to risk failure.
  10. The King’s Speech
    This film is a true story about King George VI and his struggle with a stutter. It stars Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter. This film is great for acting students because it teaches them the importance of conveying their thoughts and emotions through words alone. It also touches on how sometimes the only thing standing between you and greatness is yourself. It shows that if you are willing to push through your fears, you can achieve anything, even in the face of adversity.

Actors Takeaway:
10 Movies Every Acting Student Should Watch

In conclusion, these ten films all have various themes and topics that can be used to teach people about acting. They also influence the way students learn by showing them that some good old fashion soul searching is what made them as great as they are today. These movies are so powerful because they not only give students an example of how to do good acting but also show them what it’s like to put their personal feelings into someone else’s words. This shows students that everyone has their own story, and life can feel pretty magical when you learn how to act out what you want.