We always picture a flashy, happy life whenever we think about the acting scene. Actors seem so excited and fulfilled, moving around with big cars and expensive suits. However, have you ever thought about some of the lows that come with this profession? If you think acting is all rosy, here is an article that will change your mind.

I don’t like being out in public too much. I don’t like going to bars. I don’t like doing celebrity stuff.

Adam Sandler

9 Reasons why Being an Actor Is Bad

Acting, just like any other profession, has its low moments that the camera won’t show you. Here are some of the bad things about being an actor:

  1. Making too many friends
    Making friends is not a bad thing, but it can get to your nerve at times. Being an actor means networking and meeting different people with different character traits. The profession expects you that you make friends with even the roughest of humans for the sake of the projects. Acting, therefore, inconveniences introverts who love keeping to themselves. It puts on them pressure to feign relationships with people they share no common interest. Playing a role in different gigs also means meeting even more people, which makes it even worse. You will spend your entire career surrounded by people who you must befriend even though you share nothing in common.
  2. You must always look happy
    Acting dictates that you must smile for the cameras, whether you are undergoing a divorce or a dark moment in your life. You cannot let your personal life and problems ruin your career, which is one of the toughest decisions that actors must live with. Can you imagine waking up to a sick child or hubby, but you have to keep smiling and radiant on camera? Well, just is one of the things that you will have to put up with as an actor. Do you still believe that it is the radiant, happy field you envision? I thought not.
  3. Research
    Acting requires a lot of research that people do not know about. You will cuddle up in bed, or the chair watching lots of old movies just to ace a certain audition or role. Most movie directors will bundle you with work, leaving you all busy and stressed. The flashy part of acting that you see is just a tip in the iceberg. Acting entails a lot, and I can promise you that the red-carpet reception and huge pay is nothing compared to the work that actors must put in.
  4. You must look good all the time
    Acting pressures celebrities to always look good. You must always wear fancy costumes before making an appearance or going out on your own. Remember, there will always be paparazzi around you, and the last thing you want is to dent your image. You will not, therefore, have the chance to be natural for a second. Actresses spend a lot of time applying tons of makeup so that they can look good in public. This craft almost expects you to be in your perfect state all the time, which can be tiresome.
  5. You must be around people who are less talented or poorly dressed
    Remember, you must prepare to meet several people once you decide to join the acting field. Imagine putting on an elaborate, expensive and super fancy costume just to meet a poorly dressed and unbothered movie director? You will, therefore, hang out and listen to people that you would not give a fraction of your time on regular days. You even must schmooze with some just to keep an appearance. Can you even imagine that?
  6. Constant criticism
    One of the toughest things about being an actor is the level of criticism that comes with it. The sad thing about this is that you cannot impress everyone even if you tried twice as hard. People will call you all sort of names when you fail to deliver according to their standards. You must, therefore, develop a thick skin if you decide to join the acting scene. If you are the type that gets upset or stressed because of ridicule, then you are probably signing up for one of the challenging times of your life. Always be ready for comparison from fans and even media stations. The constant pressure for performance that is put on you might make you consider a career change.
  7. Too much applauding
    It feels good to be applauded for a performance, but it can get a little disturbing when it goes overboard. Being an actor means experiencing life in the first lane. People will always be ready to applaud at the tiniest thing you do while on stage or when you are invited to give a speech. Therefore, acting can be quite stressful if you do not know how to handle the constant appreciation that comes with it. You might even worry whether the satisfaction is real or made up.
  8. You must always be extra when expressing your feeling
    There is a reason why people act. This field requires that you either sing or dance when expressing your feelings. You must always be prepared to be extra while on set. Most actors usually have a problem with it because it means throwing away your normal life and embodying that of the character you are playing.
  9. Getting an exciting project is hard
    he truth is, you may spend your entire career working on projects that do not amaze or intrigue you. The movie scene has taken a turn, and some of the shows that appeal to viewers do not sit well with several actors. To make it worse, nobody seems to care about creating exciting projects. Producers and movie directors have decided to go with the flow, disregarding some of the fields that give actors joy. You will earn fat cheques yes, but what is money if you cannot have fun doing something?

One of the worst things about being an actor, besides people being nice to you and getting free stuff all the time – but really, one of the worst things is not knowing what’s coming next. You could shoot a pilot, and they could have you on hold for six months waiting to find out what is going to happen with the show, and you’re locked into it.

Nick Kroll

Actors Takeaway:
bad things about being an actor

There are a lot of things that actors will not tell you. Therefore, do not be misguided into believing that this field is always rosy. Actors also go through a lot of things, just like other professionals.