You should know what lies ahead of you once you decide to enter the acting field. Therefore, we will look at some of the good things about being an actor that you should be aware of. I hope that this will convince you to pursue your dreams even harder.

It is fun to see girls going mad about me or dancing around to get one glimpse of me. These are major perks of being an actor. But you need to be cautious and respectful.

Emraan Hashmi

Nine Reasons to become an Actor

  1. Money
    Who does not like getting rich? The truth is acting is one of the most lucrative professions once you scale heights and gain international recognition. Most actors get paid a lot of money for featuring in just a single movie. You must have also seen actors cruising around in expensive toys, exquisite suits, and spending time in some of the most lucrative travel destinations in the continent. If you want a reason why you should be an actor, think about the money that this profession offers. You will probably own a private jet in five years once you go big.
  2. Fame
    How does it feel being known and recognized by big media stations all over the world? Amazing, right? Being an actor exposes you to the international scene, giving you a chance to be a celebrity. With fame, comes several advantages. You will get to experience the world in the first lane. You will also most likely land a deal to be the face of a particular brand and get paid off it. Fame also gives you ego and standing in society, which allows you to amass fans from all over the world.
  3. It gives you a chance to work on your body
    It is no coincidence that actors have a super-amazing body. Specific roles require that you go on a diet to realize the type of frame needed. You will get rid of gluten and carbohydrates in your food, which are some of the components that make people gain weight rapidly. Actors are also required to work out so that they stay fit. Can you imagine running or going to the gym every day for an entire year? Sounds crazy, right? Well, the results are all that matters. You will end up with a super fantastic body that will raise your esteem and self-love.
  4. Time off
    You will not be shooting a movie daily throughout the year. Acting is one of the few professions that give you a lot of time off. Given that you are paid exceptionally well for the roles, you can imagine what you will be doing with your extra time. You can also use the time off to improve on some of your skills or get a gym membership and get in shape. If you love the fancy things in life, a month in the Malibu will serve you simply fine. All in all, acting is not a 9-5 project that chains, leaving you with only two or one free days in a week.
  5. Traveling
    Most actors will tell you that traveling to different destinations is the best part of their career. You will shoot movies in different locations and places, meaning that you will always be air bound. Most actors visit several countries throughout their careers, without spending even a single cent. Can you imagine waking up in the most executive resorts in the far end of the world without paying a single cent? This is what actors get. You will travel from place to place, attending events, or speaking to several fans and students that look up to you. Constantly being on the air means that you will get to witness different cultures and people. You will see how rich the world is and what lies out in the other ends.
  6. You will get a lot of things for free
    Actors even get paid to make public appearances. You will be working out in your home gym before you receive a call and an offer to attend a club launch in the rosy parts of Los Angeles. You will also get invited to parties, with everything arranged. Actors also get invites to movie premiers, complete with red carpet welcome and different store openings. You will automatically have the best life once you become an actor and blow up successfully. Brands also like giving free things to celebrities for marketing purposes. Imagine qualifying for some of the most expensive products on earth just because you are famous.
  7. You will develop a taste for the most beautiful things on earth
    Actors live super amazing lives, surrounded by some of the most beautiful things on earth. You are probably going to get a deal with Nike or Off-white for a line of their products. You can also buy some of the most expensive drinks and cars on earth because of the money actors get. Once you become an actor, you will be surrounded by red carpets and exquisite treatment everywhere. Have you ever imagined waking up and going for a random shopping expedition where you get to blow $10000 effortlessly? If you have not, just known that is the life most actors live.
  8. Security
    Being a celebrity comes with extra needs. You will need security once you achieve worldwide recognition. Bing, a successful actor, means that you must move into a secure neighborhood, say Beverly Hills. You will always have people hanging around looking for dirt or exciting things in your life. You will not be able to live a normal life once more, but the good thing is, you will be more secure.
  9. Huge following
    Being a successful actor automatically makes you a celebrity. You are therefore going to attract a considerable following and adoration from different people. Your picture will be doing rounds online the moment you step outside. You will also have several media stations inviting you for interviews or shows. If you are a social media type of person, you can sleep rest assured that your followers will crazily increase. Who does not want such a life anyway?

Actors Takeaway:
good things about being an actor

Being an actor has its perks. In case you have not made up your mind yet, kindly go through our article one more time and see what you are missing.