To become an actress with no experience you need to be incredibly lucky or go out and get some experience. The acting industry has a high demand of actresses with a low supply of positions to fill. This does not mean you cannot succeed. Find a local acting class and start your journey. From here develop your skills and move on to work at a processional acting school and/or private tuition if you can afford it. Whilst it is possible to gain work with no experience, sitting around and waiting for your opportunity is not what we recommend. Go out, grab your moment and become an actress.

Acting has become a career on the rise in recent years. However, as popularity rises, it becomes more challenging to break. The worst part is because everyone is looking for experienced actresses and actors in the job market. So, what becomes of fresh faces who are just testing the waters? I have come across a lot of questions on how to become an actress with no experience. In this post, we are going to address these questions. Whether you are interested in television, films, theatre, dancing, or becoming an actress, you are in the right place. Here are some excellent tips on how to become an actress with no experience!

I believe that you can experience very profound moments of change in life… I never would have become an actress if i hadn’t dropped out of high school. As a teenager, i was so driven to pursue my dreams that i made a decision to quit school at 17 so i could find my voice as an actress and eventually the profession embraced me.

Halle Berry

Why do you want to be an actress?

Let’s start with the basics. You may not have an upfront answer to this question, but there must be a reason. Is acting a hobby for you, or are you looking to get into it as a career? We do things for various reasons like to satisfy an intuition or because they spark life in us. Whatever your goal is, you need to be had it in mind before moving forward. You need to identify the type of acting you are going to pursue. Is it theatre, television, film, improvise or musicals? You can’t start a journey without a destination, right? Good news is, you don’t need to have it all figured out. You just need an idea to get moving. If you want to become an actress with no experience at all, you need a plan!

Don’t move just yet

We have all seen a movie where the young, ambitious aspiring actress buys a ticket and hops on the bus to Los Angeles or New York to become a star. Yes, such big cities are a great place to make it in the acting industry. They have bigger theatres and television industries and may seem like the ideal place to jump start your career. In case you are starting in a major city, good for you and your career. However, if you are an actress without experience, that is not what you need at the start of your career.

Booking an acting gig in such cities as hard as it is even for professional and experienced actresses. These cities are also costly. I would say east or west, home is best. Start where you are because that’s all that matters. It’s easier to get acting jobs in your home town since you know it inside out. There are also small but very willing small-time productions that are ready for a new face. You can get all the experience you need taking up those jobs and learn everything there is to the acting industry. You should also work and save money for when you finally decide to take that great leap.

Moving to a major city can break your career even before you know it. Most budding actresses who jump to these big cities end up frustrated, taking unpaid gigs that never pay off. You also need to take some time to decide whether acting is something you want, or it’s just an impulsive decision. So, hold off those plans of moving to New York and London until you are ready!

Familiarise yourself with the industry

If you are an aspiring actress with no experience, start by familiarizing yourself with the industry. You can’t be part of something you know nothing about. There are several ways of doing this;

  • Take acting classes
    It does not have to be expensive or professional. You can enrol in acting classes at your local theatre. If you are pretty serious and it’s what you want, commit yourself for professional classes for six months so you can find out whether you wish to continue. Acting classes for an actress without experience are a lifesaver. You will be guided on acting techniques, the industry, and everything you need to know. Teachers usually have the experience, so there is no limit to how much of their wisdom you can harvest.
  • Read! Read! Read!
    The best treasures are hidden in a book that is tucked away somewhere. Everything you need to know about the acting and television industry is in a book. It does not have to be an old dusty book at a library. It can be websites like this that guide you. You need to accustom yourself to reading since you will be reading a lot of scripts in your career. Reading will be a road map to talent agencies, marketing, film making, and tops that will give you confidence as you progress in your endeavour.
  • Go to plays, watch films and observe
    Teaching is theoretical, so you cannot get everything from curling up on a warm sofa reading or in a classroom. You need to get some real-life experience. What better way than to watch and learn from those in the field? You can watch your favourite film and observe the characters. Go for a local play and learn vital acting techniques such as diction, reacting physicality, and character development. These techniques are critical for an actress with no experience.

    After watching a film or going to a play, you can reenact your favourite characters. You can gauge how much you have learned then. You need an observant eye to study actresses you admire and absorb everything you see.

Audition is your work until then

I hear many actresses with no experience crying that they can’t find any work. Acting is a journey, and I cannot emphasise it enough. If you skip any step, you will lose your balance. The way to get it right is to move slowly. Are you already well acquainted with the industry? Great! Now you need to get some real experience. The only way to do so is to audition.

There are loads of acting opportunities within your locality. Jump at it, no matter how small. Whether the acting chance is at your local theatre, a school play, a drama club, or anything close to it, take it! Everybody starts somewhere, right? If your local garage is looking for someone to do a commercial, don’t pass on the opportunity. What am I saying? Anything that allows you to act is your friend.

Films makers and the acting industry generally will take you seriously if you have some experience. Auditions and casting roles will allow you to gain that experience. Search for those casting calls everywhere, including social media and through friends and family. Don’t just sit at home, saying there are no opportunities. Work won’t come knocking on your door, right? Go for those auditions no matter how competitive they seem. Until you can start acting professionally, auditioning is your full-time job!

Seek exposure

Someone once told me that people hire those they know, like, and respect, and I couldn’t agree more. The number one tip of becoming an actress with no experience is to gain exposure. Get yourself in front of casting directors, talent agents, managers, producers, and people in power in the acting industry. They will remember you next time, and it will be easier to score. Go to auditions and meet people. Even if you get rejected, you will have created contact, which may come in handy next time.

Network with people in the acting business. You must have heard it said that it’s not what you know but who you know. Get the right contacts. Become friends with other actors and actresses. These are the people that will alert you of new opportunities. Don’t be a stranger in a room full of people. You never know how someone may come handy in the future.

Rejection is part of the package

If you falter at the smallest rejection, then, believe me, you have something else coming. Rejection is a part of the acting industry. It’s even harder for an actress with no experience. You will be rejected more times than you can count. The sad part is that most upcoming actresses don’t see it coming. You would expect that following your dreams is going to be all fun and games. However, everybody gets rejected I this business. There must have been several scenes in your favourite movie of the start, which moved to la being rejected in casting rolls. Rejection is a big part of acting. There is a story of a popular actor who auditioned for the same role eight years in a row before he finally got accepted. They will ignore you until they can’t anymore.

You have to be ready for rejection. The more you get rejected, the more you should go for those auditions. It is entirely normal. Think of it as a stepping stone, and every time you are rejected, it’s a step closer to your dreams. Rejection is nothing personal, and it should be taken that way. You will be dismissed for the lamest reasons like the colour of your hair or eyes, your height, or even your looks. The hardest part is dusting yourself up and trying again. You should always remember that rejection is not a reflection of who you are as an actress. You are not a bad actress; the role was not just suited for you. The next audition might be your breakthrough. Get comfortable with rejection!

It’s a journey and the sad thing is you only learn from experience, so as much as someone can tell you things, you have to go out there and make your own mistakes in order to learn.

Emma Watson

Market yourself

Building a career as an actress with no experience is no walk in the park. You need to get yourself out there and let people know who you are. Build your brand! Even though it might not be useful at the moment, it will come through when you need it most. You will also be ahead of your peers who will be trying to get their marketing strategy. Here are several ways to build a marketing strategy.

  • Get an actress head shot
    A head shot is crucial when looking for a job. It’s a professionally taken photograph that every actress should have. The head shot is what you will attach to your resume. Therefore, ensure to have it taken by a good photographer for a quality image. People remember what they see, and it’s, therefore, important for your image.
  • An actor/actress reel
    This is simply your highlights as an actress in your career. It might not make sense in the beginning, but as you grow, you can add all the projects you have done to your reel. Some casting roles ask for a reel link before you can get booked for an audition.
  • Create a resume
    …but how when I am just an actress with no experience? Great question. Go for auditions! Take that small commercial at your local garage. Join a drama club or acting class that offers performance at the end of the class. It’s the small things that will help you build your resume.
  • Build an actress website
    A website is your online presence. It’s therefore very critical to your career. You can have a web designer do the job for you. However, we talked about skills that give you an edge over others, didn’t we? You can as well learn how to build yourself a website. Numerous website builders are suitable for the non-tech savvy, so you don’t have to worry. You will also be able to save by doing it yourself.
  • Create social media profiles
    We are in the age of technology, and social media can build your brand. Sign up to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; you name it. Use these mediums to share your work with the world. You never know if that is where you will meet a producer or director. Communicate with other artists whose work you admire.

Marketing also involves networking. Connect with other budding actresses at drama clubs and local theatres. There is power in unity. When you put your minds together, you may start working on something together. You can also reach out to professional actresses in the market. Although it may be challenging to get a hold of them as an actress with no experience, it may pay off eventually. Such contacts are a stepping stone in your career.

Learn some special skills

What makes you stand out from the rest of the actresses auditioning for the same role? Think about this scenario. You have gone for an audition; you are an actress with no experience, but a professional actress in your town is also auditioning. What makes you think you will get that role? Many aspiring actresses are always too focused on becoming an excellent actress. However, they end up forgetting that there are skills that will make you turn heads at the audition.

Can you play an instrument, ride a horse, or maybe a unicycle, master your superpower? How else do you expect to build your resume? Perfect your skill since it might just be what will earn you that role. You shouldn’t stop there. Try learning other skills in your free time. You can learn different languages, gain accents, play sports, or even learn how to juggle. Doesn’t all that sound amazing? Although skills may not seem significant when starting your acting career, they might save you one day!

Be patient!

I know you have heard the same statement more times than you care to listen to. However, it’s the truth! Acting is like learning to walk. One day you can crawl, then you start clutching on objects for support. It will take some good time before you can finally stand straight on your own. Acting is a journey of a thousand steps. You cannot learn everything in a day and be on billboards and commercials the next day, no matter how good you are.

Even after keenly following all the other steps we have given on becoming an actress without experience, the soonest you can see the fruits of your labour in a year or two. Not willing to wait that long? Then acting is not the right path for you! Most actors give up even before they have started. But, if you acting is the career or talent after your heart, think of the better days to come!

How do you stay in the game after all the rejections and late nights? Patience and persistence! Becoming an actress without experience is more work than most aspiring actresses expect. You will need to acquire skills through reading, accept the scraps at the table, do unpaid gigs, and be cast out by aggressive directors, but that cannot deter the bigger picture. You will also need to spend money that you’re not earning to get a quality website to sell yourself or go through the headache of learning how to build one for yourself. You will also need to sell yourself on your socials even if marketing might not be your stronghold. You cannot do it without patience and perseverance.

What will get you through is the greater things to come. It might not be instant, but when you are finally cast in that movie or dance, you will understand. Patience is the only key!

Actors Takeaway:
how to become an actress

Everybody wants a seat at the table, but not all are willing to put in the necessary work. Becoming an actress without experience is not as easy as it sounds. You need to put in more work than anything you can imagine. However, I am not trying to scare you. Just preparing you to face the mountains. With the tips we have given above, you will be crushing it before you know it. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and achieve your dreams!