So you are a Netflix buff. You live, breathe and binge Netflix. But have you thought of auditioning for this platform? You may love the shows like Bridgerton, and Stranger Things, but becoming an actor in the new series can be exciting. The best thing here is that no matter where you live, you can still get a role for a famous Netflix show. In this article, we will guide you through the casting process of Netflix, which shows are looking for a new cast, and audition tips from experts.

How to Get Cast in a Netflix Show?

If you want to be an actor, or just want to play a part in your favorite Netflix show, you need to be selected for the role, by auditioning. Let’s know more about the casting process at Netflix and some valuable tips that will help you get the roles.

Which shows on Netflix are recently casting?

Before we start full-on with How to Get Cast in a Netflix Show, you must know which shows are currently filming and if they are looking for new faces. Fortunately, Cobra Kai, Stranger Things, and other series are still filming and they are looking for new talents.

What is the casting process at Netflix?

You must remember here that Netflix does not arrange the cast auditions from their company. The organization only works with film production companies, that hire casting directors. These professionals then start auditioning willing people. It’s important to know which casting directors and production companies are behind the series and if you are interested in it. if you have an agent, you can get a call from the CDs.

Who are the top casting directors at Netflix?

Let’s take a look at the names of the casting directors of some recent shows.

  • Julie Schubert and Laray Mayfield for Midhunter, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and House of Cards.
  • Lyndsey Baldasare and David Rapaport for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and You.
  • Jennifer Euston for GLOW, Orange Is the New Black
  • Allison Jones for Arrested Development, Love, and Steve Carell starred in Space Force
  • Barbara Fiorentino for the famous 13 Reasons Why.

What is the salary of Netflix actors?

The salary of the actors depends on the role they are in. In addition, it’s based on the status of the actor, location, and production.

The actors aren’t paid by Netflix but by the production house. For a new show, actors can get per episode $20000.

How to audition for Netflix with an agent?

So, How to Get Cast in a Netflix Show? If you have an agent, you will have to go through this professional. You won’t get a public casting call when you have an agent. This professional will give you information about the ongoing or upcoming recurring, supporting, or lead role auditions.

  1. Can I audition for Netflix without an agent?
    Yes, you can. If you do not have an agent, you can follow the below tips to get started.
  2. Go for the casting websites
    You will get various websites online that post news about the casting calls for the Netflix series. Although those roles are for low-budget projects, it shouldn’t matter when you are just starting with acting. Also, networking is a huge part of when you want to bag an audition. You visit industry expos, events, showcases, film festivals, and similar places to meet various people. Seek out the ones who are attached to Netflix like producers, writers, and CDs. You must try to meet the specific people, talk with them and ask if they can help you with an audition.
  3. Get an invitation for hidden Netflix auditions
    This is the scope for already established and full-time actors. But if you are just starting with acting, you can also get a call. Send cold emails to CDs or talk to them through social media. The goal is to keep in touch with the casting directors to get an advantage.
  4. Volunteer at places
    Casting directors at Netflix sometimes need a reader for the auditions. You can be one of the volunteers. This way you will learn how the auditioning works, and if you read well, the CDs may notice your talent. You can also become a volunteer at Netflix film premiers and festivals or help out on the sets of new Netflix shows.
  5. Add the special skills
    Before you send out your CV to CDs, make sure to add your special talents to the resume. You must know that many casting directors notice the special skills of the actors like, you know an accent, you can fight, you are a good pianist and many more. If your skills are listed in the online resume, you can get a call from the CDs.
  6. Make some calls
    If you reside in a small town, it will not be an issue to find out the numbers of a casting director. Netflix also uses the casting companies of small towns, so you must keep this in mind and get in touch with the local CDs. This can give you a big chance to star in a Netflix show. Just search for the local casting director and send them some of your clips, resume, and headshots.
  7. Connect with an agent
    You can get an agent and ask them to submit your resume directly. Although getting an agent isn’t that easy, you have to search on the internet for agents or you can call a professional.

Top Netflix audition tips from actors and casting directors

You have read the tips on How to Get Cast in a Netflix Show. Now, let’s know what the actors and casting directors have to say about getting selected for a role.

  • Be unique
    Famous actors and casting directors emphasize the uniqueness of the new actors. They always look for the best person who can bring the character to life. You have to be unique to get a role on a Netflix show. Your acting and skills have to be different than the others to get a call. Your approach has to be different, so the CDs find someone unique for the role.
  • Go for your life experiences
    When you get a call for an audition, or you are trying to bag one, you need to be real. Send your clips, and make sure to post something unique there. Your life experience will work most of the time.

You have to keep in mind that casting directors are there to cheer you on. They want to select you, only you have the key to unlock the door and show your talent. Also, the audition room isn’t for everyone, you have to be confident that you can do it.

  • Preparation is very important
    You have to prepare fully for the auditions. Just sending the headshots and clips to the local casting director will not be enough. You have to add your skills to the resume, make sure you have put the right videos in the clips, and that they are based on your life experiences.

Other than that, when you have bagged an audition, it’s not the end of the cycle. You still have to get selected. For this you need to be yourself, and unique. Copying others, and the techniques of some actors may not impress the CDs. You have to show the side that brings out you. Your talents and skills can get you the part you wanted for a long time. Some people, even though they rehearse for a long time, and have better skills than the others, still can’t bag the role. So, you have to remember that if you have it in you, you will get it.

How to improve your chances to get an audition for a Netflix show?

We have talked about the general tips to get selected for an audition, with the thoughts of the actors and casting directors. Now, you need to what else you can do to improve your chance to get selected for a role. Look at the below tips.

  1. Get some screen acting credits on your resume
    If you do not have any credits on your CV, it might get difficult to get a call. If you want to get an audition for a Netflix show, you will need a bit of experience from small production houses. This is mainly because the Netflix CDs will check if you are familiar with acting, and if can you deliver the role Justas they want. If you have experience, they will know that you are not entirely a novice.
  2. Make better marketing materials
    You have to be very serious about the marketing material you will send to the casting directors. You have to add your acting abilities, a good headshot, and a perfect resume. Your CV or resume will speak for you, and you have to make it that way. If you have failed to have these three things, you may lose the chance to get selected for a Netflix show. You have to add your portfolio online on the casting director’s website and talk about the work you have done previously to make the resume stronger.
  3. Be very specific about the roles
    You can audition for anything, but what you can do the best? You need to ask yourself that. If you know the type you can be good for, you can look for auditions. To stand out before the casting directors, you need to know your strength and weaknesses. When you have an idea about your capabilities, you will find it easy to talk to a CD and other industry people who can get you an audition.

Actors Takeaway:
How to Get Cast in a Netflix Show

Getting selected for a Netflix show can be a huge opportunity for your acting career. But to get to this step, you need to go through an audition. To pass the audition, you need to be yourself, and confident. Read this guide thoroughly to understand the requirements, and you will surely get some help.