1. Treat acting as a profession
  2. Train hard and Research the industry extensively
  3. Find auditions and Take up roles
  4. Work harder on your strengths and weaknesses

I grew up when i was 15 when i had my first opportunity in movies. I watched every great movie for a year and half, and since then I’ve asked myself how i can emulate such artistry. That’s really my motivation. I want to do something as good as my heroes have done.

Leonardo DiCaprio

You are probably wondering what’s the best age to become an actor and whether you will succeed if you try as young as eighteen years. This is quite normal because several areas of expertise have age limits. In case you are a teenager who is interested in acting, you are in the right place. In this article, we will look at how to get into acting at 18. But first, have in mind that acting has no age limit.

I am pretty sure that you have seen children and older adults featuring in the same movie or film. A good example is Sanai Victoria, who acted in Black-ish at a tender age of eight. You also know Morgan Freeman, who continues appearing in movies despite being over eighty years old. You can train and become an actor or actress at any age.

Most actors regret not starting as early as twelve years. Joining the industry as early as eighteen allows you to improve your skills so that you become bigger and better at an advanced age. Here are some o the reasons why you should join the field when you are still a teenager:

  • More energy
    It is easier for a younger person to handle all the pressure that comes with acting. You will be in a better place to move from place to place as you audition and attend rehearsals. The energy you possess as a teenager will also help you land better roles. You are probably going to withstand more prolonged periods of acting and rehearsals as opposed to the much older adults. You are probably interested in adventuring as a teenager. It will be easier for you to move into a different state or neighbourhood as you start your new career, as opposed to forty or thirty-year-olds who probably have families and can’t just start life all over.
  • Thousands of opportunities
    There are several opportunities for young actors as opposed to the old ones. Your hot figure of flawless skin is going to land you a role in a movie or a film. You must have also noticed that there are several teen films of late focusing on school and general life of people in your age bracket. Sex Education and Sweet Vicious are just but a few examples. The fact that you are flexible as a teenager also opens more doors for you. You can easily move from city to city or theatre to theatre to attend an audition.
  • It is easier to become a superstar
    It is usually challenging for older actors to rise to stardom first. Joining the field during your teenage gives you time to better your trade and blow up soon. You are probably going to be at your peak by twenty-two or twenty-five, which is just a few years from eighteen. If you have ever harboured the thoughts of being a Hollywood Movie superstar, then eighteen is only the right time to start. You will also learn quickly because of fewer distractions. At eighteen, you don’t have to handle one or two jobs a day or provide for a family, which leaves you at a better mental state to learn and perfect on your skill.
  • It is easier to learn when you are still young
    At eighteen, you are probably fresh from high school or in your sophomore college years. Either way, you are either fresh from or in school. You will be at a better place to grasp more information and sharpen your skills as opposed to somebody who left school thirty years ago. You don’t also have a side career that requires much of your time, which means have more time to learn and sharpen your skills. You can also register for more than one acting class since you are flexible enough.
  • You can use your age as an excuse if everything seems bleak
    Funny, right? But the truth is, at times we just have to find something to tell our mind so that we feel better about certain situations. You can easily blame your age for lack of credit and get away with it. You will probably tell yourself that you don’t have to rush things since you are still learning.

A tender age also allows you to try harder without losing hope. It is difficult for an older adult, who has probably been successful in his or her former profession to keep on going when everything does not go on well. In case you would like to join the acting profession at eighteen, here are some of the tips that you will find useful:

  1. Treat acting as a profession
    There is this fallacy that people believe in, which is misleading. Professional acting is not a hobby; otherwise, you would be doing shows for free. You need to treat acting as a profession and give it your all. Passion can be a contributing factor, but don’t let it be your primary motivation. You are getting into this field to become better in all aspects and bag as many awards and accolades as possible. You should, of course, love your craft, but don’t handle it as a hobby. You must plan and have targets. Remember, the world waits for no one, and you are not an exception. The acting field is highly competitive, and to survive, you must put your best foot forward. You’d be at a better place if you correctly choose the field you would like to pursue. You are still young and probably know what works for you or what you can do best. Read, audition, network and market yourself in all aspects. Remember, you are only going to become a household name if you do your best.
  2. Take up roles
    It would be best if you are not choosy when starting out as an actor. Brands and major producers are only going to recognize you if you take up roles and hit the screen. The acting scene is pretty competitive, and turning down a character is more of career suicide. Some of the famous actors you admire today began their career by acting small toles. Some of them were even dancers. Do anything that can get you on the limelight or offer a platform through which you can be recognized. Also, do not rush things. You can move cities but only after learning the craft and being sure about yourself. Every actor’s dream is to land in Hollywood. However, you have to understand that there is a path that you must follow to get to Hollywood. Make acting an interest rather than a passion and ensure that you enjoy every step of the way. You won’t make progress if you hate your career. Therefore, before you decide to be an actor, ask yourself whether you can manage and walk shoulder high amidst the stress, pressure and rejections. Of course, there are good times, but you must be wary of the low moments actors experience.
  3. Train hard and extensively
    You should take advantage of the fact that you are fresh from school to better your acting skills. Also, remember that there are several actors in your category that makes the market competitive. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut when it comes to improving your acting skills. You just have to train, harder and longer. You need to build a solid background for yourself. Therefore, deeply immerse yourself into your field. Also, do not forget to have some fun. You can learn a new accent and even talk precisely like the Peaky Blinders. Acting is a career, and once you decide to join, do not listen to people who still think that it is a hobby.
  4. Know what deserves your attention
    At eighteen, you are still young and may not know a lot for things. However, if you choose to become an actor or an actress at such a tender age, you have to identify what deserves your energy and what you need to ignore. Ensure that you only focus on things that you can control. Some days are going to be miserable in your acting career, but all that matters if how you handle it. Some of the things that you need to focus on includes handling rejections, developing your character and memorizing lines. You also need to focus on preparing and acing auditions. Situations such as failing an audition shouldn’t eat you up as much. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t be sad, but don’t let such negative energy steal your spark and hold you down for a week. Know when and how to rise.
  5. Research extensively
    Luckily, you are born in a generation where you can access the internet free and without restrictions. At eighteen, you are also in different social media sites with thousands of followers. Ensure that you research extensively. Even before joining an acting class, make sure that you stream as many shows and if possible, read numerous scripts online to have an idea of what awaits ahead. You will quickly learn from these invaluable resources. Do not feel discouraged if you don’t get anything. There are several online forums that you can seek for clarification. You are also going to meet other teenagers who are passionate about acting.
  6. Learn to clap for others
    The truth is, you won’t fail when someone else succeeds. If you are a tennis fan, you have probably heard of Serena Williams. You can emulate a thing or two from how Serena cheers her opponents when they win. At eighteen, it is easier to compare yourself to others who appear more successful or lucky. However, this will just leave you sad or even depressed. Somebody’s success does not mean that he or she is better than you. Opportunities come at different times. The mere fact that you agemates are landing several roles does not mean that you are failing-just wait for your time. Instead of feeling bitter about someone, take that time to train heard or learn a thing or two from them.
  7. Work harder on your strengths and weaknesses
    It is usual for humans to slow done once they feel that they are good at something. However, acting is different. You have to practice harder on the areas that you think you are good at. You should also identify the areas that you are weak in. Acting requires that you stay true to yourself. Therefore, assess yourself and identify the areas that need improvement and then work on them. This is also the best way to deal with rejection. If you fail to land a role after an audition, take some time and think about what could have gone wrong and work on it. Something that most people won’t tell you is that several individuals have tried joining the acting scene just to quit a few months later. First of all, you will need acting classes. By all means, get an excellent class to help you determine whether acting if your portion or not. However, do not shy away from giving this career a shot. Go for it and invest if you are sure you will keep up. You can also choose to do it as a hobby or go the professional route. All in all, there is something for everyone. All in all, you are never too young to join the acting scene. There are several roles you will land that will teach you a few things about the field. I would also suggest that you get yourself an emotional coach or a friend for emotional support during the low moments. I am not saying that you will experience many moments like this, but they surely exist. With proper training and preparation, however, you will soon be on your way to stardom.

Actors Takeaway:
how to get into acting at 18

Acting has no age limit. You can, join the field at eighteen or sixty years and succeed. If you are a teenager who would like to try this diverse field, don’t think twice. Several opportunities are waiting for you.