What is the reality of being an actor? Well, I spent a lot of time with Nicole, my niece who is 10 years, in a manner that quality time nowadays is utilized on TV. Therein, “Cody and Zach” was the adorable geek of “Boston Common,” simply called D. C. I recalled that his sentence in one instance was “like the case of city without the entire traffic”. When I was born in the city of Washington DC, the quote stayed in me inevitably stayed, as did was the case with a skinny boy whose voice was booming. It was the voice that sparked the memory since the man who was now in the tube before I seemed to have become his voice. Naturally older (only women do not age in Hollywood because they are not allowed to do so), but I saw short hair instead of sinking as in the early 90s for the first time and the frame was filled like everyone else. It should be after 15 years. And as a pompous dean of elementary school, he was fun. Fun-ee. Even Nicole burst out laughing when she berated Zach (or was it Cody? Is there a difference?) With a mop in a dream sequence. It may sound silly, but it was nice to see him again.

Then a few weeks later, he was on “What about Brian?” (Yes, I am watching it. Religious. Judge me if you want but ask yourself if you have a guilty pleasure in one or the other breasts that would blush if you admit. Exaggerated and happy by Zach and Cody came in through the behavior of a selfish boss who was a bit cheeky in front of Rick Gomez’s Dave Greco. Everything was floating. “Ah! This guy!” I exclaimed, pointing to the television, even if no one else was in play it not avoids it I was a fan This is a boy who was so familiar; even though he didn’t know his name, he loved his job. Like Richard Jenkins. Before being on Six Feet Under, he Still cheering when he saw it on the big or small screen. I have not seen “Boston Common DC” in a long time. It was like seeing an old friend again. I wondered where I could be surprised.

The next time I saw him, I almost peed in my pants. As a direct attorney for the White House in Fox “24”, he contradicted Peter MacNichols Thomas Lennox and attempted to obtain D.B. Good advice from Woodside President Wayne Palmer. Okay, that was crazy. He had to find out where this guy was between NBC’s Boston Common and this avalanche of recent newspapers. Has he been hiding under his bed for 15 years or just not seeing the good shows? What is the life of a non-famous person like in Tinsel Town? Who do you still know, but whose names do not appear in the tabloids every week? After all, these people who work continuously, but whose names you don’t know, are really the ones you see most of the time.

After doing an internet search that started on imdb.com “Boston Common”, I discovered that “D.C.” was indeed D.C. Douglas. As I leafed through the impressive list of roles on television and film, I found that he was missing all the time: “ER”, “Blue NYPD”, “Strong Medicine,” “Las Vegas”, and well, other roles have occupied me. I quickly went to all five of their websites and found their contact information. Easy. So, I called him and he was there the voice. He seemed surprised that someone wanted to interview him. So surprised, in fact, that he burst out laughing: a big laugh, impossible to describe or imitate. Stronger than you can imagine and strong enough that I can remove the earpiece from my ear. But it was a match. “What is it,” he said. “You don’t work for The Inquirer, do you?”

It turns out that he is a busy guy. Between camera and voice over, D.C. works constantly and constantly. He invited me to interview him on a warship in the middle of the night. But he gave good reasons; I had just filmed Deadwater, which was a thriller on ghost ship with James Russo and Lance Henrikson, which is scheduled for release in 2007. So, I went to San Pedro, entered USS Lane, and told him about the guts of the animal between the shoots.

I was embarrassed, but I had to know Boston Common. I saw him there for the first time, so I assumed it was his first big concert. But like most actors, she appeared on many television shows such as “Coach” and “Melrose Place” and “Boston Common”. She was supposed to star in an episode. But Hollywood is unpredictable, and you never know what could help an unknown advance. In this case, it was this laugh that almost broke my eardrum when I spoke to him for the first time and that transformed a line into ten episodes.

Vicki Rosenberg was the casting director for “Boston Common” and D.C. He even had to audition for the direction. Once hired, “They kept me there all week during producer reviews”, DC “It was a funny sight, and I couldn’t help but laugh. And I laughed loudly and cheekily. Once a neighbor asked me not to laugh at night because he kept her awake, so the next day for network racing – Max Mutchnick and David Kohan (co-creator of “Will and Grace”) said to “laugh as much as you want.” So, I did, then I sent a large basket of wine to congratulate them on the pilot for the first time someone called me to thank me … and Max said if there were more episodes, they would bring me back – and they did! It took several episodes before transforming the character name into DC because of they didn’t know they could bring me back … At first, they only connected me to the strange paper that was there, but finally, I became “CURRENT DIRECT”. I was sure it was great. I taught most of the money as long as I had good residue from the summer rehearsals. “

And then there was that laugh when he said, “The series went on for a season and was cancelled. No rehearsal. It went straight to the cable, and I won $50 worth of waste for ten episodes.”

So, what does a stranger do? Let us go back to the proverbial hammering of the patch, which is done by car in LA.

After fifteen years and countless gallons of gas, he has over a hundred projects in front of the camera. He no longer needs to have another job between them and his busy synchronous career to pay the bills. “It’s refreshing; I was a terrible waiter.” But it took us a while to get there. A contactless actor needs as much work to get to Hollywood as a climber who reaches the top of Everest without additional oxygen.

The first contact of an actor in the long Hollywood grocery chain is the casting director. Casting directors are the connection of an actor to these coveted and barely available jobs unless you can find friends (or lovers for the more ambitious) producers. The first casting director in the DC area was Dava Waite, whom she had met during the audition for “21 Jump Street”. He did not get the role, but she called him chameleon and called him as often as she could. “She felt it was her duty to get me my SAG card. It was an advertisement by Roy Rogers that brought me to the union, and Dava continued to encourage me. She told me a few years later to bring ‘coach’ with Craig Nelson, who acted in front of a young star actor, Rob Schneider.” Shortly later in 1996, he laughed at the Boston Common.

Twenty years afterward, the majority of the cast directors know and believe that he was a professional who works well with stars such as James Caan (“Las Vegas”), Mekhi Phifer, and Sherri Stringfield, and course, as already mentioned, Peter MacNichol and DB Woodside in “24”. And this list is not limited to television. In many independent films, DC starred in characters such as Tony Plana (from “Ugly Betty”), Krista Allen (“Totally Blonde”), Lorraine Newman (“Saturday Night Live”). A variety of big names in ” The Commission ” Martin Landau, Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston, Corbin Bernsen, and Ed Asner were also among them.

So no, I don’t think he was hiding below his bed. I just can’t see all the TV shows and independent films that have been made. But I have probably heard it more than I think. Especially recently, since their GEICO campaign has been running for six months. Since celebrities can be seen on presentation and voiceover labels, which translate for real GEICO clients, DC’s voice is broadcast on television and radio across the country.

Sometimes paths cross while earning a living behind the microphone and in front of the camera. For the movie “Factory Girl,” the star was not available to take a few lines of the screen, so they called D.C. Imitate Guy Pierce, who imitates Andy Warhol. “It was fun,” he said.

At this point in our interview, D.C. was called to be beaten by Lance Henrikson. We had a lot of ground under our feet during my stay there. Speak quickly for a boy on the west coast. Ideas, descriptions, and a twisted sense of humor seem to motivate him, and the listener must hold on to follow. I did not care; I am from New York.

In his absence, I wondered how he could get through dry periods, if at all. I have spoken to a lot of people in this business, and the message I hear the most is that unless you are Meryl, Tom, Kate, or Julia, you should create your projects. No one will send you scripts to read if they do not know who you are.

And while co-stars and guest stars on TV shows behave well, most actors dream of their series of comedy. But the reality is that if you do a lot of auditions and reserve these types of roles, everything will be fine. And these days, like most stars, are stunts (Madonna in Will & Grace, anyone?), Getting Auditions brings an actor to most people who try to touch him. his feet around the door of the casting director D.C. He is one of those actors who have been in Hollywood long enough for the directors to know him as well and know they can count on him. However, it is still difficult. But if you do not want anything else or cannot because of your admission, you have no choice but to stick it out.

For D.C., part of this persistence consists of creating your own projects. In his following break, he refused to admit being a writer between shots, but I know from imdb.com that he wrote and produced five award-winning original short films. In fact, he also directed, encouraged, edited, and acted in them. The last project he played on the festival site is “Duck, Duck, Goose!” – A mixture of European technicolor jokes from the 1960s and postmodern cynicism. It’s worth it if you want to buy it online: it won four festival awards, including one for DC Best Actor and one for Robin Dalea, the fireball of his “girlfriend,” a talented and beautiful actress smaller than me. “Three awards came from a festival in New Jersey.” You love us in Trenton! “

He is currently working and animating another favorite project called “The Crooked Eye,” a short film based on a short story by his mother Betty Malicoat. Fay Masterson played the lead role and had to appear on a green screen all the time. “We fired 78 shots in two days, and the first day we had no air conditioning. Poor Fay was practically a puddle at the end of the day, but she was a real policeman. Fortunately, it was back on the second day.”

When I looked at his management resume, I asked him if he was also following this work. He shook his head. “I enjoy becoming an actor. Why should I continue to be a director?” But he added that if they gave him the opportunity and he liked the project, he would do it.

Part of the persistence in the delicate television and film industry is to realize that you are a product and to adopt your type. “I will never be in a nice people show like the new Courtenay Cox-Arquette show ‘Dirt’ or in a nice young people shows like ‘The O.C.’ You must know your place in the market and know that it does not reflect you as a person. “And laughter,” … but I can’t be that bad; I managed to tie Robin up.”

This actor has seen his demo role and his individual clips over the past 15 years and has clearly gone from geek to boy. The flock of seagulls disappeared, and the man became his voice. The nature of the actor is at the mercy of genetics and the passage of time. (And the financial capacity and the desire to fight them with modern technology). The type of actor is therefore constantly evolving and an intelligent actor knows what to market. He does exactly that, works on his skills and looks together.

How successful is an unknown, hard-working actor? “When I get there, I’ll let you know. I have a strange feeling that I will be 85 when I finally have my hit series and it won’t matter much because everyone who was expecting me to succeed is, is probably dead! “There you go, the laughter that seems to carry him through everything and echo on the steel walls of the ship until he is told to delete it in the first AD. “Silence on the set! Kindly hold back all the laughter!” D.C. places his hand on the mouth … and laughs softly.